Akmola region

Akmola region (kaz. Aқmola bald) - North Kazahstane.Granichit area on the west by Kostanai, in the north - with North Kazakhstan, in the east - with Pavlodar and in the south - the Karaganda region. The region is located in close proximity to developed regions of Russia, as the Urals, Tyumen, Tomsk, Omsk and Novosibirsk regions with which it has established long-term economic ties, to generate new ones. Are further developed economic ties with neighboring regions of Kazakhstan. The tendency to expand the market of products manufactured in the region.

Akmola region - agro-industrial region.Territoriya - 146.2 sq.km. or 5.4 percent of the territory of the republic.

Population 01.04.2009 - 739.4 thousand. people, including urban - 333 thous. people (45%), rural - 406.4 thousand. people (55%). The natural increase of population in the region in January-February 2009 amounted to 635 people.

The population density - 5.1 people per 1 sq. km.

Administrative center - Kokshetau, founded in 1824. The population of the regional center on April 1, 2009 - 145.8 thousand. People. The region consists of 2 cities of regional value - Kokshetau and Stepnogorsk, 8 cities of regional subordination (Akkol, Atbasar, Derzhavinsk, Yereimentau, Yesil, Makinsk, Stepnyak, Shchuchinsk), 17 rural villages and 5 660 villages and villages. The region is located in the north central part of the Republic of Kazakhstan. It is bordered on the west - with Kostanai, in the north - with North Kazakhstan, in the east - with Pavlodar and in the south with the Karaganda region.

The region has great economic potential and natural resources. Prospects for further development are determined to position the region not only as an exporter of raw materials, but also as a provider of medium- and high-tech goods and services.

The gross regional product in 2008 amounted to 457.5 billion. tenge, with an average annual growth rate over the past three years, more than 39%. GRP per capita was 614.3 thousand. Tenge, an increase compared with 2006 by 80,7%.

The natural and climatic conditions

The relief is varied: a large portion of the steppe, low hills, plains and river valleys slaboraschlenennye, mountains covered with forests.

The climate is continental. Summer is short, warm winters are long and frosty, with strong winds and blizzards. Minimum air temperature is above -40 ° C, maximum up to plus 44 ° C. Vegetation is represented by steppe species of herbs and accordingly landscapes, especially in the northern part of the region, pine and birch forests, herb-Stipa vegetation that covers the mountain slopes. Mountain pine forests - a wealth of field.

The fauna of the area had considerable wealth and diversity of 55 species of mammals, 180 species of birds, 300 species of waterfowl and others.

In the region there are State national natural parks "Kokshetau" and "Burabai" Korgalzhyn State Reserve of international importance.


In the region explored unique focus on the structure and scale of reserves of gold, silver, uranium, molybdenum, technical diamonds, kaolin and muscovite, as well as iron ore, coal, dolomite, widespread minerals, mineral waters and mud. Measured value of balance reserves of at least 20 billion. US dollars, and expected resources - more than $ 100 billion. US dollars.

The soils are presented by ordinary chernozems and chestnut, differing heavy mechanical structure, increased alkalinity and salinity, low permeability.

Destinations economy

Agricultural production is one of the priority sectors of the economy. The region produces a quarter of the republican volume of high-quality wheat. There are opportunities and resource base for the development of enterprises for processing agricultural products. The development of the agricultural sector is carried out in the framework of the sustainable development of agriculture and rural development programs.

The industrial potential of the region is represented by enterprises of mining and manufacturing industry, which accounts for the bulk of food production, engineering products and non-ferrous metallurgy. Also develop molybdenum production, chemical industry, building industry companies.

The region covers an area of extremely favorable for development of tourist business. Recreation areas have convenient geographic location, due to the proximity of industrial densely populated regions.

With the unique climatic conditions - beauty of the landscape with a magnificent combination of rocky mountains, pine forests, lakes with convenient beaches, recreational areas Lakes resort area "Burabai" lakes Jockey Katarkol, Maybalik, Big and Small Chebache can compete with the most famous resorts of the CIS states. In the region there are State national natural parks "Burabay", "Kokshetau" and Korgalzhyn reserve of international importance, which is one of the most unique places in the whole Euro-Asian continent