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Airport Kokshetau - Airport Kokshetau in Kazakhstan (Akmola region).

The airfield Kokshetau able to receive a partial loading planes AN-124, IL-76 , without limitation, loading planes Tu-204, Tu-154, Airbus A320, Boeing 757, Tu-134 Yak-42, AN-12 and more light, as well as helicopters of all types.

The classification number of the runway (PCN) 22 / F / C / Y / T.

Maximum take-off weight of the aircraft - 171 tons.

The international passenger terminal, equipped with landing gallery with two air bridges will be put into operation in June 2013. goda.V terminal equipped with a VIP and CIP zaly.A is also equipped with an automated baggage handling system, visual passenger information. The terminal has a capacity of 200 passengers per hour.

At the airport based airline "Kokshetau" (An-2, Yak-40).

JSC "Kokshetau Airlines" is the main airport operator Kokshetau. The structure of the company, as one of the airport complex, include: runway, terminal building, a hotel, a complex of buildings and structures for industrial purposes, fuel-filling complex, labs and a network of sales offices lubricants. International Airport Kokshetau works round the clock and accepts all types of passenger and cargo aircraft.